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Active Risk Management Overlay Regimen®

II Technology's Active Risk Management Overlay Regimen® (ARMOR) is a dynamic portfolio monitoring strategy tailored to each client's unique investment and risk tolerance needs.

While conventional risk management typically relies on static dollar allocations and dynamic, market-determined risk levels, II Technology's ARMOR offers a different approach.

Start with Client-Specific Portfolio
Maximize Diversification
Maintain a Consistent Risk Profile

Combining client-specific portfolios with customized risk tolerances, ARMOR optimizes portfolio exposure based on market conditions. Independent of the underlying portfolio, ARMOR participates in market returns via exposure to risk premiums, while monitoring risk on a daily basis in order to systematically maximize diversification and maintain a consistent risk profile.

Through these measures, ARMOR is designed to enhance returns in favorable markets, reduce volatility in adverse conditions, and guide investors steadily towards their financial goals.

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